“Bird Nesting” – food for thought

A helpful temporary solution for separating parents is what is now increasingly commonly referred to as Bird Nesting Parenting….

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As we all know, one of the major challenges when separating is what do in regards to the living arrangements of the children. What is  is in their best interests? This is where Bird Nesting comes into play. It can be incredibly useful to some families during this time. At its core, what Bird Nesting means is that the children remain in one home, typically referred to as the “family home” and instead the separating parents are the ones to move back and forth from another home to the family home.

The overriding benefit of this is that the children are provided with stability and consistency during the early stages of separation. Everything related to the children and their worlds – school, belondings, activities remain in one place. This avoids confusion and things being left behind in the shuffle between homes.

Although Bird Nesting may provide an easy and uncomplicated transitional solution during a separation it may not be appropriate for any long term living situation. At some point when the “dust” settles after a separation and final divorce then it is more than likely in everyones best interests to move on and make a clean break with separate living arrangements….

….definitely food for thought….


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