The post divorce reality is that the family dynamic will inevitably change. As dynamics change, it is so important that parents try to find a reasonable working relationship. Co-parenting can be challenging and it can be a real juggling act. However, sucessful and healthy coparenting is achieveable and is something we should all strive to have for our children.

Some of the following tips might help:

  1. Take time to talk to your children about your seperation and divorce. Create a space for your children where they can ask questions, express concerns and show their true feelings. Make sure your children know that they can rely on you no matter how much things may change.
  2. Remember it is not a competition between you and your ex partner.
  3. Do not critize your ex infront of your children. It is important that your children do not feel like they have to take sides.
  4. Strive for consistency. Children thrive on stability, so try to be consistent, for example – consider the same pick-up/drop-off time/place each week to maintain consistency for your children. If have agreed to a shared schedule, make sure everyong knows it.
  5. After a divorce you will not necessairly be best friends but you should try your best to work together for the benefit of your children. Discuss issues privately when possible and avoid heated debates infront of the children if you can. 
  6. Try to focus on the future. Focus on building a new “normal” for you and your children. Do not dwell on past frustrations and/or disagreements but instead look forward and start enjoying your new lives.



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