Fear Has a Bigger Bite Than You Realize

How we recognize and deal with fear is probably the most critical skill humans can have.

Being able to recognize fear and consciously taking steps to overcome it in any given situation is a part of being a successful and mature adult. But sometimes how to deal with fear escapes us, largely because we let it inhabit us too quickly and don’t shed it fast enough.


How to Deal With Fear So That You’re Not Stuck

The big bite of fear will almost always force you to focus on the minor stuff and keep you from really considering the big issues that you must solve to be a stand for an amicable separation /divorce. 

Fear is a lower lever energy, and by its nature it is a dark energy – meaning that you cannot see the path that’s best for you to take when you are stuck in fear. 

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you think the big bite of fear has you.

  • What’s the single most important thing I really should decide right now?
  • Am I worrying about things I cannot do much about?
  • Am I trying to influence other people by playing to fear?


It’s really hard sometimes to remind ourselves that our job as mature adults is to make decisions on the most pressing things, despite fear we may have about a smaller, related issue. It’s also our job to remind ourselves that even as just one person we have a tremendous amount of influence and power, and we lose that completely when we let the big bite of fear grab us. 

Fear is operational all the time. It plays to the base energy it is there to communicate something to us, but it is not who we are. In some traditions there’s a rite of passage that includes taking an action despite being afraid – staying overnight in a forest alone, for example.

Fear is always conquered by love. Can you find a way to move from fear to any other emotion that could be more resourceful for what you are up to? Perhaps its as simple as accepting that which you cannot change and from here  focusing your attention on where new ways to a solution may lie. 

Don’t let the big bite of fear get you. It slows you down in ways you don’t even realize.

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