Stay in your integrity.


No matter how angry or betrayed you might feel or no matter how much your ex partner may be pressing your buttons, do not let him/her get the best of you and take you out of your integrity.

Stay off social media and resist venting details of your divorce to anyone who will listen.

Don’t badmouth your spouse to the kids or your family (even if he/she is badmouthing you to them).

Rise above, bite your tongue, take a deep breath (or a hundred of them) and be the bigger person.

As difficult as it might seem, you need to focus on taking care of yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so you can be in a better position to make conscious decisions about your future with a calm, clear, rational head.

Make every effort to help yourself not let your divorce ruin the rest of your life.

If you need help with how to cope with divorce, get yourself a good therapist, exercise, meditate, eat healthy, try to get enough sleep and surround yourself with positive people.

Make a to-do list and do whatever you can to boost your energy and stay authentic and at your best.

Be kind to yourself and don’t let yourself become a victim to your circumstances.

There’s no doubt divorce is a very painful event, but it will only define you if you let it.

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